Remote Work Pros & Cons

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Feb 11, 2024

Communication technology and inclusion will shape the future of remote work - the current state of remote work, how remote work has evolved, and what the future holds.

100 companies to watch for remote jobs in 2024 - this list updates annually.

Remote work statistics and trends in 2024 - comprehensive, lists industry, demographic, preferences, challenges, and trends. Beneficial remote work trends in 2024 - from a remote worker's perspective.

Empty spaces and hybrid places: The pandemic’s lasting impact on real estate - not completely relevant, but interesting.

Benefits of remote work

9 benefits of working from home and why remote work is still important:

  1. Greater flexibility in your schedule

  2. Ditch the time-consuming commute

  3. Complete more work tasks and assignments

  4. Be more comfortable and cozy

  5. Spend less money outside of the house

  6. Choose where to live

  7. Enjoy more creative control over your workspace

  8. Reduce your carbon footprint

  9. Provide wider opportunities for diversity and inclusion

A new era of workplace inclusion: moving from retrofit to redesign - embrace flexibility, invest in technology, foster connections, and adapt to change - promote inclusion by accommodating diverse needs and preferences.

Does Remote Working Impact Career Progression?

“36% of remote workers believe career growth is easier when working remotely. However, there’s a big difference between career growth at a remote-first organization and a company with a hybrid workforce.”

Challenges of working remotely

This was really the focus of my research, so I've included a few articles that are similar, but I found different insights in all of them. The suggested practical solutions I used for ideation, and the suggested tools I used for competitive analysis and UI inspiration.

The challenges of working remotely, The 7 biggest remote work challenges (and how to overcome them), The biggest obstacles to remote work and how to overcome them, 10 common remote work challenges (+ solutions)

Overcome remote work challenges - quotes and expert insights

Challenges for remote workers:

  1. Effective time management

  2. Home interruptions

  3. Unplugging after work

  4. Communication issues

  5. Loneliness

  6. Sedentary lifestyle

Challenges for remote teams:

  1. Managing projects

  2. Remote collaboration

  3. Tracking tasks and productivity

  4. Working from different locations, time zones, etc.

  5. Dealing with language and cultural differences

  6. Building/maintaining trust

Advice for productivity and organization - use the time blocking method: break your daily to-do list into chunks of time to work on tasks or projects and manage your time.

Advice for working from home

The ultimate guide to working from home, and how to keep work from taking over your personal life:

  1. Know the ground rules

  2. Set up a functional workspace

  3. Get the technology you need

  4. Minimize distractions

  5. Get outside

  6. Stick to your work schedule

  7. Beware of workaholic tendencies

  8. Don’t bet on saving money

Work in a Flow state for 2hr blocks or try the Rule of 52 and 17 to boost productivity. Like to work with background noise? It could be boosting your performance - consider sound.

How to make remote work better - this article is great for learning how to empathize with managers and makers by realizing we have different schedule and communication preferences - yay meetings vs. no meetings! and provides tips on how to navigate the differences.

5 design thinking exercises for UX design and how to adapt them for remote collaboration.

How to stay connected

How to stay connected while working remotely - communicate more, organize events, stay organized, make an effort, have fun.

Tips on building better relationships remotely - be intentional with small talk, create a user manual for working with you (- this is a good idea), be more casual, share personal milestones, and say thanks more.

Ways to network remotely when you work from home:

  1. Attend online professional events

  2. Use social media for networking

  3. Follow up with webinar hosts

  4. Utilize your alumni network on LinkedIn

  5. Request informational interviews over Zoom

  6. Explore virtual job fairs

  7. Host virtual social events within your organization

  8. Engage with YouTube content creators

  9. Leverage your existing professional network

Remote work locations

The best remote work locations for virtual or hybrid work - this list updates annually. Laptop-friendly cafes for getting work done in Brooklyn - requirements for a “laptop friendly” cafe for remote work.

The benefits of co-working spaces - networking, socialization, and snacks.

Remote work and travel:

The safest and most secure countries for remote workers, Compare the best countries to work remotely - global remote work index. Most affordable countries with digital nomad visas in 2024 - visa information, etc. Nomadlist - a global community of remote workers living and traveling around the world.

How to travel while working remotely - plan ahead and consider: the type of work, how you’ll communicate with your team, schedule, and type of travel, etc. Tips for working remotely while traveling - pack zoom shirts.

Tips for working while you travel - quotes and expert insights