Design for good

Apr 5, 2024


Inclusivity should not be W.E.I.R.D - Western, Educated, and from Industrialized, Rich, and Democratic Countries

Women in space: Designing a more inclusive future for space exploration - the Access I, a prototype version of a suit made to fit a broader range of bodies than existing space suits.

Women in tech: Tech is hurting - women in tech are hurting the most, The female founders hoping to fix gender disparity in cloud tech

Quotes: How to succeed as a woman in tech, from those who have done it

How I taught millions of women the most important skill: girls who code founder - Reshma Saujani


Diversity matters even more: The case for holistic impact - “Our latest analysis shows that companies with greater diversity on their boards of directors are more likely to outperform financially”, stats.

Constructivism should matter in UX design - “we are, in fact, designing human behavior and not just designing for human behavior”

Why 'Diversifying Design' Is More Crucial Than 'Designing For Diversity'

Why diversity in UX matters and how to address bias in design

How does our cultural background influence product design? - really good article, and comprehensive.

Japan’s unique UX design culture, and the sociological differences between

eastern and western mindsets.

How are micro-aggressions like mosquitoes? - great way to understand and explain micro-aggressions.


The Greatest | Apple - “At Apple, we believe accessibility is a human right. Innovative features like Door Detection, Sound Recognition, Voice Control, and more are designed to let you use your devices in ways that work best for you.”

Design for visibility

The Surge in A11y Lawsuits and the Call for Accessiblity-First Design

a11yproject - “a11y” stands for “accessibility.” It is a numeronym, with 11 representing the count of letters between the letter a and the letter y. Other numeronyms -  i18n (internationalization), P2P (peer to peer), WWII (World War 2), etc.

coolors - good to check color contrast - text to background contrast needs to be at a minimal of 4.5:1, but better closer to 7:1

Contrast checker

Design for children

COPPA, Children's Code and Accessible UX Design

Usability Testing with Minors: 16 Tips (nng, 2019)

Children's code guidance and resources UK

The Children’s code design guidance - with ebooks to print out or share

Age-Appropriate mindsets

Inspiring - One Teacher’s Brilliant Strategy to Stop Future School Shootings - this is a bit like the unsung heroes, people who change lives for the better and mostly go unnoticed. A reminder anyone can design solutions

UX and AI

When we are the problem - Should we all lose faith in UX? - UX, Surveillance Capitalism, and the “Banality of Evil” - “if we do not utilize both radical criticism and constructive dialogue to emerge a gradual shift in approach, we no longer can call ourselves a socially conscious community”

Foundations of assessing harm

Trevor Noah on the Future of Entertainment and AI - AI as “an assistant to everyone in everything”

Hyper-personalization - AI & UX: A reality check with Jakob Nielsen

ok this is more design for cute, but still - The Full Frod Story - iterative design for Frodrick’s home.